Ok I am actually sharing a very special family recipe here. This meal has been my absolute favourite since I was 13 years old. It was my last supper every time I was about to leave home to go back to boarding school/uni/abroad and it was the welcome home meal my dad always cooked when I returned from anywhere.

It’s oh so simple and oh so tasty. I cook this one about once a fortnight and it’s a very garlicky one so not one to try before a one on one business meeting the next morning!

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Now this is my own version of the general cottage pie recipe, so it might not suit the hardcore traditional Brit food lovers but it goes down pretty well in our home, and it’s a great warming dish for chillier, darker evenings.
I use Quorn instead of tofu or just vegetables for veggie cottage pie as this is a dish that definitely needs to be filling as it was traditionally a meal that was meant to be warming, frugal and heavy enough to keep poorer families nourished during the long hard winters.

I also make mine quite tomatoey – so it’s a little more like bolognese but still thick enough to feel pie-like underneath the potato.

This meal is a good balance of vegetables, protein, carbohydrates and fat – and will certainly fill you up. But lean enough with the Quorn to not take hours and hours to digest.

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I am very fond of autumn as you may have guessed. I love nothing more than a long walk in the countryside or woodland, enjoying the crackling brown leaves underfoot and the new chill in the air.

Entertaining an active toddler is a new challenge with each season, as the sunny days in the park are no longer possible, you must look for new things to do that will delight your little one and keep them stimulated.

I’ve made a list of things you can do with your toddler(s) to keep them entertained and enjoy the new season both in and outside of the home.

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It’s true enough that once you have kids, eating out is no longer the carefree, pleasant leisurely experience it once was. You need to know if the restaurant you choose has a kids menu, high chairs or even welcomes children through its doors! It’s so easy in the newborn days, you can just pop them down in their pram and they’ll sleep whilst you take your time ordering, chatting and eating.


If you have a toddler, going out for a meal can be pretty stressful. You won’t ever be sitting in your chair longer than a minute at a time and you will spend most of the meal picking food up off the floor and apologising profusely to the waiting staff…

But there are places that are geared up for this and most are accepting of the little devils that enter their establishments with their long suffering parents.

If you live in or are visiting our great city of Bristol though, here are some tried and tested kid friendly eateries to try:

The Eastfield Inn, Henleaze

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There’s no longer any shame in admitting that motherhood is hard work. Thanks to the internet and an abundance of fantastic women who will openly tell their friends, foes and followers that sometimes motherhood makes them want to curl up in a puddle of wine, it’s a now truth universally acknowledged.

And thank god for the support of the mum tribe out there.

Not all of them. Some still do like to pretend that it’s a walk in the park and they feel nothing but gratitude and sunshine for their little bundle of organically fed, impeccably behaved joy.

I don’t buy that bullshit for a second.

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