Oh yes I mentioned the C word – because like it or not, it is coming.

We’re having a rough month with being broke and housebound with hand foot and mouth disease (Zac, not me) – and though he’s getting on with it like an absolute trooper, being cooped up for 3 days straight is a little miserable for us so I’m thinking about happy festive things to keep cheerful.

So, last year I didn’t go mad with gifts for the little goblin as he was only 10 months old. I still will not go mad this year because A. we can’t afford it and B. we are not the kind of family to spend hundreds upon hundreds of pounds on a lot of plastic tat that will be discarded after Christmas Day.

With that in mind, here is a Christmas gift guide for families with a toddler who are like minded in that way, who wish to give their child a few choice gifts that will last beyond the festive period. View Full Post

It’s true enough that once you have kids, eating out is no longer the carefree, pleasant leisurely experience it once was. You need to know if the restaurant you choose has a kids menu, high chairs or even welcomes children through its doors! It’s so easy in the newborn days, you can just pop them down in their pram and they’ll sleep whilst you take your time ordering, chatting and eating.


If you have a toddler, going out for a meal can be pretty stressful. You won’t ever be sitting in your chair longer than a minute at a time and you will spend most of the meal picking food up off the floor and apologising profusely to the waiting staff…

But there are places that are geared up for this and most are accepting of the little devils that enter their establishments with their long suffering parents.

If you live in or are visiting our great city of Bristol though, here are some tried and tested kid friendly eateries to try:

The Eastfield Inn, Henleaze

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The majority of people love summer and do not understand those who look forward to the end of it. I do enjoy summer – at the beginning, when being outside in a vest top all day and enjoying pints of cider in the sun is a novelty. But after a few heatwaves and August is dragging on and on, I start to really look forward to the end.

The end of Summer means that delightful things are coming. There is no need to mourn. You must rejoice!
Here are a few reasons you should relish the end of Summer:

1. School starts again soon which means less kids everywhere all the time

I know I’m scroogey, but the school summer holidays are long – there are children everywhere. All the places you like to go are overrun with excited children hyped up on sugar and freedom. The perk is that there’s less traffic in the mornings without the school run but all car parks are full, supermarkets are packed (do parents take their kids there for a day out??) and your favourite mum haunts (playground, farm, cafes) are all exceptionally busy.

September can’t come soon enough! Get these kids off the streets! View Full Post

I get asked a lot if staying home alone most evenings gets lonely. And the answer is sometimes yes, but actually mostly no.

I am busy all morning at work, then busy in the afternoons with my goblin so when Friday night rolls around and I don’t have plans, then I really look forward to an evening at home on my own.

I prep my plans in advance so I look forward to it all day and then when goblin is in bed for the night, I get to enjoy some me time! Self care is so important, especially if you’re running yourself ragged caring for others all day long. Take the time to look after yourself and give yourself a break!

If you find the prospect of an evening alone daunting/boring/sad (if you’re a busy mum you will not feel these things) then here are my top tips for treating yourself to a lush night in! View Full Post

Sorry for the silence, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks! Time for a little round up of my favourite things at the moment.

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Ahhh it’s back. Winter is coming. Dragons are destroying shit. Jon Snow is king of the North.  I’m loving it. I revisited the whole of season 6 in preparation as it was a long year since the last season aired so I was so ready for season 7 to begin. It’s been an excellent season so far, with reunions we’ve been waiting 5 seasons to see and all number of loose ends tying up. View Full Post