Welcome to my blog! I’m Suz. I’ve stopped and started the blogging thing over and over again over the years, trying out different topics and formats but nothing ever stuck.

I am sticking to what I know- life as I know it, and if someone somewhere finds it useful, interesting or funny, then I’ve done something cool.

I’m Suz, I’m in my early thirties, I am a lone parent to my little babe Zac who’s now a toddler 💔. We live together in our flat in the south west of England,  I work (now part time) for a digital agency and life for the most part is pretty damn good. The reason I’ve called us ‘Ready or not mama’ is because I found out that I was expecting my boy nearly 4 months in to my pregnancy. It was a big surprise and a mammoth life change- I had 5 months to move, sort my life out and prepare to bring a human into the world alone. And out he came, ready or not mama!

I blog about life as a single mother in Britain, trying to make ends meet, deliver the best life for my son, be a badass at work, make our home pretty and keep us fed, well and happy. I share our day to day life hacks, my recipes/cooking journeys, reviews of products and places that I like, parenting posts, funny stories related to raising a child. My recipes and food blogs will be wheat gluten free.

I may share Netflix show reviews, recommendations, diary entries, just anything goes really.

All views expressed will either be my own or pinched from friends, family and the Internet because i can.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to get in touch!

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