6 Things I Love About Spring

I may have written extensively last year about my love of Autumn at the end of a long warm summer, but it’s almost next to nothing compared to my love of Spring.

It’s literally the best season ever. Everything starts to wake up, spring fruits and vegetables turn up on the menu and there are a bunch of bank holidays to enjoy! Spring is wonderful!

Here are a few things I particularly love about Spring:

The flowers, the bloom, the wild things

The cherry blossom trees explode with colour in Spring, the toads and frogs are on the move to mate, the birdsong changes to soulfully sunny tunes, the smell of the air changes too.

You start to smell grass, foliage, flowery scents and so many more things in the perfumed air that indicate the new season. It brings the promise of summer too, which is exciting and new, after so many long months of dark and cold.

The pretty dresses

(note: this is a joke pic – I was on a hen-do and the dress code was: ‘awful prom dresses’)

I love how everyone’s outfits become lighter in colour and more frilly, flowery and pretty to look at!

Spring and summery dresses are literally fantastic. In England, I find women are delightfully comfortable with wearing whatever they fancy, regardless of their size or of the weather usually- it’s wonderful to behold.

Spring food

Seasonal produce and spring recipes along with spring food trends – ooh it’s all a delicious welcome to the next chapter of the year!

You can start buying and cooking with wonderful things like rhubarb, artichokes, asparagus, fennel, leeks, apricots, chives, avocados and many more! There are herbs and spices that just taste right in Spring. Like mint – with lamb; that tastes like spring. Or lemon and garlic roast chicken. Mmmm spring.

Try my Spring leek, spinach and cheddar frittata recipe if you have small children who are fussy. It’s a great way to sneak in some spring veg to their dinner without them noticing!


I always relish dark early evenings at the start of winter because it’s a novelty and it’s cosy but after so many months of dark, you just yearn for light.

The clock change at the end of March means lighter evenings, longer evenings, lighter mornings (pleasant for those early risers or rather, those who are forced to rise early because of a small dictator person who’s up with the sun, cough cough )

Getting outdoors

(Zac at around 6.5 months old, all gums and gorgeousness)

There’s so many pleasant things to be done in the Spring, outside, out and about. Not that goblin and I shy away from bad weather, we like a countryside ramble come rain or shine but with the whole of the countryside coming alive at this time of year, it’s too irresistible.

You stay out of doors longer because it’s warmer. More friends are out and about because it’s nicer weather.  Beer gardens, camping, picnics, garden parties, bbqs – too much goodness!!

It’s my birthday in Spring

I will be 33 in a couple of weeks. I won’t be celebrating in any way special, but enjoying time with my wee boy, my family and my friends. Probably outside. Wearing a pretty dress. Eating asparagus and drinking cider. Which is all pretty special actually.


Happy springtime!!!

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