Meal Plan Monday

Is anyone else STILL stuffed from Easter foodie indulgences? We are!

The chocolate eggs, the roasts, the red wine….It all takes its toll. But with a fridge full of food, there’s plenty left for the week, we might even be saved the annoying ‘top up shop’!

Here’s what I’ve got planned for my/our meals this week, incorporating yesterday’s leftover roast dinner first off!


Leftover roast beef & potato hash

Really excited to try this recipe when I get home from work. Zac will be fed at the childminders so this is just for me. I reckon there’ll be leftovers of the leftover supper too for tomorrow’s lunch!


Easy Cheesy Lentils (with sweet potato fries)

A recipe from my childhood. My dad would cook this for us when we went on holiday to a little static caravan on a farm in Dorset. Simple and delicious. 


Slow cooked chilli (veggie)


Leftover chilli for lunch (for both Zac and me)

Dinner:  Chicken Massaman curry


Leftover Massaman curry for lunch

Dinner: homemade gluten free pizzas




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