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I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet this month. January has been such a long month, hasn’t it?

Things have been busy on our side, lots of work to catch up on in the office, my goblin has had colds, coughs, rashes, ulcers and other ailments pretty much all month.

I’ve also been busy falling in love with a rather wonderful young man and his two children.

This young man had made his mind up that he wanted to be my beau many months ago and I was having none of it for various reasons. So he gently pursued me, we became friends, our children became friends, we went to the zoo, the aquarium, the farms, the parks, cafes and finally each other’s homes where the kids played sweetly while we cooked food.

And then, after long long discussions about what we each wanted and needed out of life, our partner and the future, we realised we actually both really wanted the same things. The attraction between us had grown to incredible levels. We made each other laugh, we called each other out on our bullshit and we respected a lot about how the other lives, thinks and parents.

This apparently was the recipe for the beginning of the loveliest, most open and honest, secure relationship I’ve ever been in. I’m completely bowled over that this has happened because I didn’t think it would ever happen – I didn’t think I would ever feel so safe, cherished and admired all at once. By someone who is the apple of my son’s eye too!

So, that’s what January has been about – and what a fantastic start to the year!! Goblin has 2 lovely playmates, I have a new partner in life and things are pretty sweet indeed. When we’re all together, it’s fun and chaotic but feels completely right.

Definitely the start of a beautiful adventure!

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