Guilty TV Pleasures, Enthralling Conspiracy Thrillers, Christmas Jumpers and other #LittleLoves

Back for the second instalment of #LittleLoves, the simple pleasures I get from things I have watched, read, made, worn or heard!


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I needed a new podcast after mourning the end of Dirty John so I was pleased to stumble upon the BBC’s list of 20 great storytelling podcasts to download. At the top of the list was Tracks – starring Romola Garai. I’ve loved her in TV adaptations of Emma, Daniel Deronda and a weird favourite of mine ‘Angel’, so I was intrigued to listen to something she had done for radio. Series one of Tracks is a BBC Radio 4 production was 9 episodes long and a conspiracy thriller. I was absolutely hooked from start to finish, devouring each episode anytime I could snatch a moment to sit and be absorbed. It starts with a cold mannered doctor who witnesses a plane crash her biological father is on. Something isn’t right about the crash. The story is not straight and she discovers some very odd things about the passengers aboard this flight headed to a medical conference. Their bodies weren’t altogether….right. Also, as one of the crash victims dies in the field where the plane crashed, her last words are ‘first they bring down the planes, then everything else…..’  I was gripped. Beautifully written as well!


Leek, Parmesan and white wine risotto. I’m way too far from being a proficient risotto maker for now, which is a great frustration as I absolutely love risotto. I always hear the trick is in the stock, or the trick is in the stirring. It takes longer than I thought and it is NOT meant to be crunchy (which is what I had read in too many online recipes) but gloopy. Anyway this risotto is pretty damn tasty and well worth the time stirring the stock and the wine. Try the recipe I used here.

Serve it with a nice drop of red wine, obviously. I went for a Rioja.  


Mog and the Granny – Judith Kerr. This classic was given to us in a birthday party goody bag and what a goody indeed! 

Love the Mog series and I am a fan of any chidlren’s book that names the grandmother ‘granny’ rather than ‘nan’ (a pet peeve- no offense intended). This is a lovely, believable story that works in the important family characters of the granny and of course the family cat. I loved that Mog is worrying about his little human friend on holiday. Zac’s attention span didn’t last for the whole book but I continued to read it aloud to him (or myself more like) after he had slid off my knee and returned to his digger toys…


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Aittle guilty pleasure in the last few weeks has been Netflix Original: Riverdale. It’s a little bit Gossip Girl meets Jessica Jones-  riveting and addictive! It’s based on a comic by Marvel and once you know that, you will immediately notice how it look as a comic. The  caricature villainous characters and their gorgeous rich colour schemes (the red headed Blossoms and their outrageously Addams Family-esque surroundings) and the artfully designed everything. I have been bingeing unashamedly on this and am running out of episodes now so am looking to start either Mindhunters or Peaky Blinders next! Just finished series 2 of Stranger Things so when I have recovered from that, I may write a few words about HOW BLOODY AMAZING IT WAS.


When December the 1st dawned, I was unbelievably glad I could finally let the festive crazy pour out of me so I celebrated by wearing an old Christmas jumper I bought in 2013 – the classic Home Alone quote: Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.

Here’s me wearing it at my office Christmas party right after I bought it in 2013 then when I wore it on the 1st of December 2017!

In other news, the biggest #littlelove of them all: Christmas is coming. I put our tree up and after much agonising about how to keep my toddler away from it, my toddler has actually surprised me by touching a few baubles and saying wow but otherwise leaving it alone! For now….

Happy December! ❤️🎄


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