#LittleLoves – The First

I really like the idea of starting a #littleloves post series on my blog- as it’s the little things that can really make your day or cheer you up when you’re down. So as I’m having a down time at the moment, I thought starting #littleloves would make me recall all the things that have perked me up lately that I’ve heard, watched, read, made or wore.

I’m a big believer in the ‘little things in life’ and simple pleasures so I’m happy to start making posts out of these things.


I recently read an amazing post on one of my favourite blogs, the Cabinet of Curiosities, Messy Nessy Chic

It was about the Italian Countess de Castiglione  and it piqued my interest as it was entitled The Selfie-Obsessed Countess of Vanity. This Countess was known as one of the most beautiful women in 19th century Europe- and she was disliked. She was vain, narcissistic and promiscuous. She was the mistress of many notable men, some of whom were royalty. This woman was so obsessed with her appearance- an obsession which lead her to have over 400 portraits of herself taken at a Parisian photography studio.

This obsession with taking photos of yourself is something very much associated with this day & age with the selfie culture. We all have our camera phones and different social media pages to share these pouting portraits- where the likes we get make us feel validated.

But we forget that vanity and narcissism are human. And humans have been around for a long time. It’s just interesting to watch how these traits manifest themselves with each generation…

Her story was riveting and the portraits are incredible. I was obsessed with her dresses. Some of her outfits reminded me of Greta Garbo in Camille – one of my favourite old films.

Have a read of the post here, it’s a fascinating but tragic tale.


So I was going to write about starting the second season of Stranger Things but I’m only 2 episodes in so I thought I’d share another programme I’ve been obsessively recording, watching and enjoying of an evening and that’s The Duchess of Duke Street.

Not a trendy show or even terribly good but I love it. I have long been a fan of 1970s show Upstairs Downstairs, and this one was produced by the same people (on a set that looks very alike) and deals with similar stories and relationships. It’s about a woman (played by Gemma Jones) who started out as a kitchen assistant, desperate to learn how to be the best chef in London. After being somewhat coerced into being the mistress of a member of the royal family – she ends up striking out alone and opening an upmarket hotel of a certain reputation.

It’s all about her, the hotel, the guests, the servants and it’s just charming. It’s pure escapism and just as Upstairs Downstairs has been my guilty pleasure for many many years, this is much like it.



I just finished the podcast ‘Dirty John’ which I loved. Having been a big fan of Serial and Shit Town, I was desperate to find something new that I liked and this didn’t disappoint.

John is a bad man, who notoriously seduces women of means and then becomes their nightmare. His story is told through accounts from victims and their family members, who tell the story from the moment they meet John to when things take a turn for the worst and it gets scary. It was a very interesting narrative. You may find yourself shouting out ‘for goodness sake NO!’ in frustration when you hear how the main victim keeps forgiving John and inviting him back in, despite mouting evidence that he’s a sociopath with a dangerous past.

Download it on the Podcasts app on your iphone if you have one. Or read more about it here.


I had about 15 minutes to spare one morning a week or so ago so I decided to whip up a slow cooker special for dinner that night.

I added red lentils, chopped onions, herbs, spices, coconut milk, tinned tomatoes and sliced sweet potato with a spoonful of massaman paste to the slow cooker with a bit of vegetable stock, mixed it up and turned it on low and went to work.

We returned to a gorgeous smelling home and had a lovely creamy lentil and sweet potato coconut curry for dinner, served with basmati rice,chopped  coriander and spring onions.



I actually wore denim booty shorts and spider web tights to work on Halloween! No one else was dressed up as they’d all dressed up the previous Friday for their office Halloween party which I didn’t attend so I wanted to add a little spook to my outfit.

Bad photo I’m sorry, but its the only picture of a recent outfit that I’ve taken so it had to be that! I will be vainer and more selfie-prone in preparation for the next #LittleLoves post!


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