Bye Bye August! 9 Reasons To Gladly Wave Goodbye to Summer



The majority of people love summer and do not understand those who look forward to the end of it. I do enjoy summer – at the beginning, when being outside in a vest top all day and enjoying pints of cider in the sun is a novelty. But after a few heatwaves and August is dragging on and on, I start to really look forward to the end.

The end of Summer means that delightful things are coming. There is no need to mourn. You must rejoice!
Here are a few reasons you should relish the end of Summer:

1. School starts again soon which means less kids everywhere all the time

I know I’m scroogey, but the school summer holidays are long – there are children everywhere. All the places you like to go are overrun with excited children hyped up on sugar and freedom. The perk is that there’s less traffic in the mornings without the school run but all car parks are full, supermarkets are packed (do parents take their kids there for a day out??) and your favourite mum haunts (playground, farm, cafes) are all exceptionally busy.

September can’t come soon enough! Get these kids off the streets!

2. Cooler temperatures and shorter days

I won’t go on and on about my dislike for super hot temperatures and thankfully the UK is never tropical but as I’ve mentioned before, living in a flat in the summer is pretty dire.

3. The beauty of Autumn

Autumn is a gorgeous season!! The leaves turn brown and fall, making crunchy paths everywhere. You can go for long Autumnal walks and enjoy the trees changing colour and the new crisp air – the smell of bonfires, more layers (scarves are back! Yay!) and long languishing afternoons by a pub fire, talking with friends.

4. Halloween is coming

The Autumn brings a series of festivities that make us all happy and alive. I know Halloween isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – but for me, it means dressing my small human up in a ridiculously cute costume, watching scary movies and carving pumpkins! The nights are longer, so one is more inclined to be home in the warm, enjoying lovely foods and family fun! I love it!!

5. Bonfire night is coming

I’ma  sucker for Guy Fawkes night. The sparklers, the bonfires, the fireworks. Everyone gets together and enjoys pretending to burn a man alive. We dance around the fire like pagans and drink prosecco out of a flask. Bunch of weirdoes really. But it’s heaven! It also means that something else is near….

6. The Festive Season

Now I try every year not to get overexcited too early, but I have to admit as soon as Bonfire Night is done, I turn my Christmas glee on full pelt. It’s not so much about the actual day – but the festive season is full of delights and anticipation for Christmas, so I almost enjoy it more! The Christmas markets, the films, the food, the music, the gift shopping, the decorations, the tree, the family gatherings, the stories, I LOVE IT ALL. It’s also the time I can play Bing Crosby loudly in my car and no one will look at me funny.

7. Christmas

Christmas itself is a lovely time – over too soon – but full of joy. You get to spend time with your loved ones and give them presents that make their faces light up and you can all eat and drink yourselves stupid for 3 days straight. What’s not to love?

8. Wintery food!

Two words: SLOW. COOKER.

My favourite kitchen accessory  comes into its own during Autumn and Winter. I love nothing more than slow cooking every meal; stews, casseroles, curry, chilli, roasts, everything! Loading it up in the morning then turning it on and walking out the door is fantastic. You come back to your home smelling like dinner is ready and you’ve not had to slave over that stove to achieve it! I can’t wait to try a bunch of new recipes in my slow cooker this year. That alone is reason enough to be glad to see the back of the summer!

Picture bowls of steaming porridge sprinkled with cinnamon and pumpkin spiced coffee for breakfast. Drinking hot chocolate by a fire, in your favourite knitted jumper. Think of wellies and puddles and red cheeks and hot tomato soup.

Drink that in. It’s the cosiest picture.

9. Homeliness

Your home feels like a completely different place in Autumn and Winter. These seasons bring out a nesting instinct in me, so I like to spend time each year making my home cosier.

It’s darker, so having a few well placed lamps around the home will make any room look totally different.

Add a few blankets, white flowers, cushions, candles and pretty things to your shelves and you have yourself a cosy new Winter home! Winter home decor is one of my favourite things to look at pictures of on social media (I have so many saved on my Pinterest). When you add a few Christmas decorations to the mix, you literally won’t want to leave your house.

Snuggling up with your favourite people under a fluffy blanket, cradling a glass of red wine and either listening to music, reading a book or watching a good film – that’s what hygge is all about and I highly approve.

Are you happy or sad the Summer is nearing its end?


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