My Top Apps This Month

It’s pretty easy to load up one’s phone with apps that you barely or rarely use so every now and then I do an app sweep and delete what I don’t play with regularly.

There’s just about an app for everything now and there are some fantastic ones on the market with features that make life a lot easier.


My favourites at the moment are:

  1. Hoop

I would highly recommend this app to any parent. You tell them where you are and what age range you’re looking for and it lists all the activities, groups and events in your area. It lists everything from baby massage groups, swimming sessions, toy libraries and everything in between. This one has saved me many an empty afternoon or free weekend morning when we’ve been at a loose end.

2. Mush

Mum friend app! I’m very new to it so watch this space but the idea behind it is great and I love how it’s laid out. You give yourself and your parenting self tags I went for stuff like ‘wine lover, free weekends, love playgrounds’ – which actually sounds pretty dodgy but the ‘creative, tea lover, vegan, cloth nappies’ tags didn’t quite fit.

I’ve yet to meet anyone in person but I’ll update when I do!

3. Bumble

Yep, I have a dating app on my damn phone. After a displeasing stint on Tinder a couple of years ago, I decided to give this one a try given the fact that I so rarely meet men people in real life unless they’re at soft play or Aldi. This one seems to hold less weirdos and women have to make the first move. Which actually turns out to not be my strong point but I’ve had a couple of pleasant conversations with nice chaps so far. No dates yet because again the logistics of that are complicated, but watch this space.

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