Tuna cakes 

Easy to make, healthy, teensy bit smelly for non fish lovers like myself, but the toddler approved.

Ingredients I used:

So first I peeled the sweet potatoes, chopped them into cubes and put them on to boil.

Then I whisked the egg in a mixing bowl (actually used a large salad bowl which didn’t work so well as it is really lightweight.

I added the tuna, chopped spring onions and a load of breadcrumbs, and mixed it all around.

When the sweet potatoes were boiled, I drained then and added them to the cake mixture, mushed them up and mixed it all together.

I carried on adding breadcrumbs until the mixture became solid enough to make into patties.

Then I heated the oil in my lovely big pan and began frying the fish cakes once the oil was hot.

At this point, I was interrupted by this one who could sense that dinner was near and that I was busy, so he needed a lot of attention right there right then, had to be picked up and tantrumed if he was put down. 😅

I cooked the tuna cakes for around 12 minutes then served them up to cool.

Verdict: Goblin wasn’t that keen at first but they grew on him and he polished them off with relish for lunch the next day. So that’s one for the catalogue, hurray!

The next meals on the planner are spinach and garlicky Mac & Cheese and then slow cooked lentil and sweet potato curry ! Stay tuned x

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