Heatwave Hell: Keeping Your Babes Cool in the Heat

Oh dear god in heaven, the U.K. is currently melting. As we hit temperatures of over 30 degrees, the country slowly grinds to a halt and we forget how to function. Similar things happen when we have the slightest bit of snow.

We’re basically set up for completely mild, average weather. Anything on either extreme reduces us to a mess.

This is the face of snotty, too hot to function, not hungry enough to eat and cross with anything that isn’t a toy car or cold flannel.

We live in a top floor flat, without air conditioning and no garden so we’re having our fair share of heat related hell. The sun is also our flat side from about 2pm so it cooks us like an oven during the hottest hours of the day…

We can’t open the loft hatch either. My goblin is hot bodied little person as it is so this is a trying time. I’ve picked up some tips for making us more comfortable along the way though so I’m sharing them with you 😘

  • If you live anywhere near an outdoor pool or water you can safely bathe in – get in it. My god get in it as soon as you can. Don’t let your babe get too cold though, regular dips to cool off then dry off, slather on the factor 50
  • Keep your windows open and curtains closed throughout the day (unless you’re susceptible to burglary). Then at the end of the day, when it starts to get dark, open the curtains to allow the cooler air in through the open windows
  • Set up fans around – out of your babes’ reach. Don’t point a fan directly at your baby during the night though.
  • If you can, point the fan towards a window so it pushes the hot air out
  • Better still, place a frozen bottle of water or bag of ice in front of the fans to allow them to push cold air around, which is your basic DIY air con trick!
  • Open the loft hatch if you have one/are able to, to let the hot air escape through there.
  • Cool baths before bed!
  • Cold flannels to soothe a hot body throughout the day and night
  • Keep the fluid intake up!! Vital!!
  • Don’t worry if your babe is off their food. It’s normal not to want to eat much in this heat. Just make sure they drink plenty of fluids.
  • Dress them very lightly at night. I’ve been keeping my sweaty goblin in just a nappy as it’s far too hot for his sleeping bag. If their room is lower than 25 degrees, try them in a vest or with a light blanket or 0.5 tog summer gro bag
  • Be patient and expect frequent wake ups during the night
  • If you have somewhere aircondioned you can hide during peak heat times, go there.
  • Did I mention keep the fluids up?

Aside from these things, I found that lots of running around outside in the shade meant that he’s been worn out enough to sleep at night.

Hold on tight, it’ll be over soon. Our summers only last a week usually anyway, hopefully we’ll be back to our lovely averagely crap British weather shortly!

Drink lots of water!


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