Dyram Park – National Trust – Saturday morning adventures 

Zac and I spent a lovely morning at Dyram Park today. I’m broke and recovering from a stomach bug so needed to do something outdoorsy and free, and being a national trust member and all, I decided on here.

We’ve been once before, and visited inside the house with goblin on my back but he’s too heavy now and I need a better back carrier so we stuck to the grounds and play area today.

After parking the car, we walked towards the play barn area indicated on the map as being close to the deer. A brisk windy walk, so invigorating!

Brains of Britain over here, I decided to veer off the path to track down the deer and quickly regretted it as the buggy struggled through the long grass and we weaved our way round various piles of animal excrement.

I saw the play barn in the distance and pressed on, with one slight moment of panic thinking we might be stuck and lost- seeing no other human soul for miles around.

The play barn area was fantastic – lovely old restored farm buildings with pretty herb and flower gardens at the front and large wooden picnic tables and a tractor zone which was of course my automobile obsessed toddler was delighted by.

I did have the usual feeling of disappointment for Zac that we weren’t there as a family of 3 or more, as everyone else was. He tends to walk over to other families and stare at them, with what I imagine to be a wistful look on his face.

But it usually turns out to be that he’s eying up their food or toys.

Anyway he had a good run around and played on all the tractors.

Here he is, modelling a few of them 😙

And on we went.

We immediately stumbled upon a small herd of deer so sat on the grass at a distance and watched them. It was so peaceful as the park was quiet and the deer were very relaxed.

We ambled down towards the great house with the view of getting the bus from there back up to the carpark, when we walked into the midst of a herd of bullocks and the day was made.

We approached slowly so as not to frighten them away. I’ve had a love of cows since I was a little girl and spent my summer holidays in a static caravan on a farm in Dorset. They’re big docile creatures with kind faces and I’ve always found them gentle companions (who are shy but inquisitive).


There was another moment of panic when a few of them ran towards Zac in his buggy and I thought we were under attack but they then surrounded us and stopped and just had a look at us.

Check out the video 😆

After the cow encounter excitement, we got to the house, sat down outside and had some snacks and waited for the bus back up.

These Saturday mornings are a far cry from my former life, pre-goblin, when if I had gone to bed at all I would be waking up with a stinking hangover and responding to text messages enticing me to soothe it with a boozy brunch!

Some days I miss that. Most days I don’t.

This is chicken soup for the weary soul:

Have a brilliant Saturday 💖


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  1. June 20, 2017 / 12:50 pm

    We went to Dyram Park last summer and enjoyed the house and gardens. I didn’t even know there was a play barn there, is it a recent addition? Looks like we need a trip back there to test it out!

    • June 20, 2017 / 5:19 pm

      Yes indeed- though I don’t know how recent it is. It’s not right by the house, but further up the hill. When you arrive in the car park- you can go left or right, head right! It’s a great little place for kids, my little one loved the tractors and diggers! Xx

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