Cooking Challenge?

I’m wondering if here is a good place to challenge myself to get out of the rut we are currently in!

Due to goblin going through very fussy (normal toddler) phases with food, I’ve ended up putting less effort into meal planning and cooking because it mostly ends up on the floor and disheartens me.

I know this is totally normal behaviour and it shouldn’t bother me. 

I also worry about him not eating enough of a variety of foods.

I worry about just about everything so this is just another joyful addition to that list. Holy mothering joy.

Soooooo. I’m going to get back to my meal planning, I’ll cook for me and give him a portion of it each evening and hope for the best. In order to motivate me to do this, I’d like to try and challenge myself to try a bunch of new dishes, including lots of new and different foods for us both to try. 

So, I’ll  invent some recipes myself as well as try others and maybe customise them and upload recipes, progress and experience here. 

I’m always on a tight budget and mostly rely on Aldi, lidl and sometimes Tesco but will gladly use local greengrocers and butchers for extra stuff. 

I love food and I love cooking but sometimes it feels like a chore, especially when goblin treats a lot of what I put in front of him like nuclear waste. So I’m challenging myself to get the joy back, learn a ton of new recipes, techniques and ingredients and to stop being such a petty flange when serving it up. He’s a toddler. And toddlers can be douchebags when it comes to food, leaving their long suffering mothers ending unsuccessful meals like this: 

(He was poorly in this pic by the way)

So wish me luck. And if it ends up like another one of my things that I start with relish and abandon with boredom soon after, then kick me in the face/arse. 


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