5 Products I’m Loving this Month

As I think about the things I had intended to start writing about all those years ago, this certainly wouldn’t have been one of them but real life/parenthood/responsibility/ grownupping in a consumerist world crept up on me, I realised that ‘things’ did make a difference to my daily life.
Finding something that works for you after trying a whole heap of shite products for the same purpose can be a welcome happy dance- inducing triumph. Raising Zac means I have a home to keep clean, a child to keep fed/clean/entertained/healthy etc while also keeping myself looking moderately sexy so I’ll happily admit that I love finding products that I love so I’m going to share them.

Sooooo, this month we’ve got:

  1. Method Multi-Surface Cleaner

I’d been hearing about the Method cleaning product range for a little while (you know, on the weird housewife grapevine, AKA girls who take pictures of their cleaning product baskets for their home decor Instagram feeds). The reason I decided to try them out was because I was completely won over by their ‘plant-based, non toxic, animal safe, safe for the planet, etc’ marketing campaign. I mean, just take a look at the ingredients section on their website – these guys are good. Their branding is clean, modern, simple and the blurb is all very appealing. I liked the packaging too. I am very aware of the fact that products I use to clean our home need to be as non-harsh as possible as they can be ingested by my goblin, so these things matter.

The pink grapefruit scent is gorgeous and fresh and it makes the place smell gorgeous and I had a good old scrub down of all my kitchen surfaces and found I didn’t need to go over it again. It blitzed the spills, stuck on food, greasy spatterings on the hob, grubby finger marks on cupboard doors, the lot. So pleased with this and happy that it’s an environmentally friendly product. I will shortly extend my Method collection to the bathroom and other areas too (except possibly laundry) and look forward to trying out their other scents.

I got the hand soap too. LOVE IT

2. Oilatum Daily Junior Head to Toe

After my goblin was diagnosed with eczema a couple of months ago after a pretty nasty infection which covered his body in itchy sores, I was desperate to find him relief. The doctor prescribed an oil for the bath by these guys but said not to use any soaps or nasties that would irritate his skin.

I needed something I could wash his hair with so went for this. It’s incredibly gentle, smells gorgeous and has been a match made in heaven with his poor skin.

3. This Incredible Brush

Always on the lookout for a good foundation putter onner, I found this bad boy in a cheap set of brushes I ordered from eBay. Before any of the hardcore beauty brush fans (who would obviously be avidly reading this blog, pahaha cough) tell me off for this, I washed them carefully before putting any of them near my skin.

This beautiful brush is as soft as a posh plush teddy and glides my foundation all over and blends it beautifully for perfect coverage, I’m so happy with it!

4. Barry M Flawless Mist & Fix

Where the hell have I been? I’m 32 and literally just started misting and fixing my face, people. Embarrassing.

I love this stuff, it was cheap and works splendidly at keeping my makeup on my face even after the first few face palms of the morning at the office. Badass.

You can buy it here

5. Alpro Growing Up Drink

The ‘what milk does your kid need after breasfeeding stops’ connundrum has actually kept me awake a fair few nights and been the subject of much debate with my mother, my childminder and my GP.

I don’t want to get into an anti-dairy rant here, that’s for another post – I am a hypocrit anyway because I still love and eat cheese – but I do feel that excess dairy makes my son’s eczema worse SO when I weaned him off the boob at 13 months, I didn’t bother replacing with cows milk.

I was careful to add full fat unsalted butter, full fat cheese and whole milk to the food I made him so that he would get the ‘nutrients’ he needed – but according to the NHS website, if you do this, then you don’t need to give them extra milk to drink.

After a while, and more debates and reminders that ‘they need the extra calories’, I looked for plant based alternatives. I fed him almond milk with his weetabix and porridge which he loved already, but it’s a very non calorific choice. I read that oat milk is the closest to cows milk in terms of vitamins, so I had a look at Oatly in Tescos but on the back of the packaging it said it wasn’t suitable as a milk drink for children under 3.

Fucking minefield.

Then I found this stuff. Again, despite working in marketing and knowing the tricks of the damn trade, I am a sucker for good advertising so the fact that it is ‘nutritionally tailored to be suitable as a main drink for babies aged 1-3’ I was sold.

And my goblin LOVES it. It’s getting slightly out of control at the moment, as he’s demanding this stuff instead of water which leads to minor arguments between us but once I have the obsession under control I will go back to being grateful to it for giving my little man the extra nutrients, vitamins and calories I have been denying him since I took my boobs back. Phew!*

It does contain raw cane sugar, so do beware of quantities and ensure you’re brushing your small’s teeth every morning and evening!

*This was all very tongue in cheek, don’t shoot me down.

6. This Badass Backpack

I know this is quite silly, but the battle of the bags was really getting to me. I got rid of the dedicated nappy bag when I went back to work because I hardly ever used it anymore and it was falling to pieces and he needed less stuff when we went out. So I went back to using my pre-baby handbag. The handbag for work that slid down my shoulders when I was carrying Zac at the same time. So irritating I would actually shout at it. In public.

Then there was the whole ‘which bag do I use if we’re going on a daytrip?’  saga.

So I bought a backpack, I pack all my shit in it and Zac’s too and I take it to work and out with me. It never leaves me. It contains my wallet, phone, diary, keys, ecig, 2-3 spare nappies and a pack of baby wipes, a toy and that;s it.

Job done.

Plus it’s pretty and distributes the weight of my stuff equally on both my shoulders and I can easily carry Zac.

I bought it at The Range for £9.99. Bargain!


So those are a few of my favourite things this month. Thanks for stopping by.



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