Screen Binge: Netflix Original The O.A – Season 1

Disclaimer: I am not a critic. nor am I adept at writing reviews, I’m afraid. Just wanted to get that clear right away.


So I finished season one of The O.A last week. Whilst the conclusion left me with more questions than I started with, it’s wet my appetite for more- and I hear there will be a second season, so hurrah.

Beautifully acted, imaginative and gripping – The O.A pulls you into an unusual supernatural story of love, loss, other dimensions and science of consciousness. Set against a bleak backdrop of large soul-less houses in the suburban midwest, the story starts off slowly but as it unfolds, the viewer is drawn into a complex and haunting tale into which you become completely invested.

Our protagonist is Prairie Johnson, a mysterious and gentle young woman who returns home to her ageing adoptive parents after being missing for seven years.

You can guess early on that all is not as it seems with Prairie.

Firstly, when she was last seen, she was completely blind. When she resurfaces, she can see. And she does not seem happy about being found either. 

Watch it. 

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