There’s no longer any shame in admitting that motherhood is hard work. Thanks to the internet and an abundance of fantastic women who will openly tell their friends, foes and followers that sometimes motherhood makes them want to curl up in a puddle of wine, it’s a now truth universally acknowledged.

And thank god for the support of the mum tribe out there.

Not all of them. Some still do like to pretend that it’s a walk in the park and they feel nothing but gratitude and sunshine for their little bundle of organically fed, impeccably behaved joy.

I don’t buy that bullshit for a second.

My small human is not yet two but I have learned a few truths about the motherhood and being a parent that I wanted to share. These lessons cover everything from straight after birth to the toddler doom. View Full Post



The majority of people love summer and do not understand those who look forward to the end of it. I do enjoy summer – at the beginning, when being outside in a vest top all day and enjoying pints of cider in the sun is a novelty. But after a few heatwaves and August is dragging on and on, I start to really look forward to the end.

The end of Summer means that delightful things are coming. There is no need to mourn. You must rejoice!
Here are a few reasons you should relish the end of Summer:

1. School starts again soon which means less kids everywhere all the time

I know I’m scroogey, but the school summer holidays are long – there are children everywhere. All the places you like to go are overrun with excited children hyped up on sugar and freedom. The perk is that there’s less traffic in the mornings without the school run but all car parks are full, supermarkets are packed (do parents take their kids there for a day out??) and your favourite mum haunts (playground, farm, cafes) are all exceptionally busy.

September can’t come soon enough! Get these kids off the streets! View Full Post

I get asked a lot if staying home alone most evenings gets lonely. And the answer is sometimes yes, but actually mostly no.

I am busy all morning at work, then busy in the afternoons with my goblin so when Friday night rolls around and I don’t have plans, then I really look forward to an evening at home on my own.

I prep my plans in advance so I look forward to it all day and then when goblin is in bed for the night, I get to enjoy some me time! Self care is so important, especially if you’re running yourself ragged caring for others all day long. Take the time to look after yourself and give yourself a break!

If you find the prospect of an evening alone daunting/boring/sad (if you’re a busy mum you will not feel these things) then here are my top tips for treating yourself to a lush night in! View Full Post

We’ve been a little quiet over here lately because a few things have been going on that have taken all my attention, all of my energy and all of my brain cells (with none of any of those left for blogging).

Firstly my poor goblin suffered a minor tibia fracture from overzealous playtime at the childminders so has been in a cast for 2 weeks 😩😩😩

For a very active never-sit-still babe like my boy, this was rough. For the first day we snuggled a lot and he wouldn’t be put down for fear of putting weight on his leg.

Then his frustration at the restrictions grew until it was tantrum central. 

He wouldn’t walk in his cast for 5 days so everything was a bit of a challenge for both of us.

The same week he went on strike and wouldn’t eat. He didn’t want breakfast, only his soya milk. He barely ate his lunch at the childminders and every meal I cooked him or snack that wasn’t a babybel or breadstick was thrown on the floor.

The strike ended on Sunday and we are now enjoying mealtimes again so will have some new dishes to share soon.

Goblin is used to his cast now and can even run in it, much to my anxious dismay but we are going to the hospital to have it removed on Friday morning and hopefully he’ll be running around like usual by then! 

He’s 18 months old today. And my absolute pride and joy.

Sorry for the silence, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks! Time for a little round up of my favourite things at the moment.

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Ahhh it’s back. Winter is coming. Dragons are destroying shit. Jon Snow is king of the North.  I’m loving it. I revisited the whole of season 6 in preparation as it was a long year since the last season aired so I was so ready for season 7 to begin. It’s been an excellent season so far, with reunions we’ve been waiting 5 seasons to see and all number of loose ends tying up. View Full Post