Back for the second instalment of #LittleLoves, the simple pleasures I get from things I have watched, read, made, worn or heard!


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I needed a new podcast after mourning the end of Dirty John so I was pleased to stumble upon the BBC’s list of 20 great storytelling podcasts to download. At the top of the list was Tracks – starring Romola Garai. I’ve loved her in TV adaptations of Emma, Daniel Deronda and a weird favourite of mine ‘Angel’, so I was intrigued to listen to something she had done for radio. Series one of Tracks is a BBC Radio 4 production was 9 episodes long and a conspiracy thriller. I was absolutely hooked from start to finish, devouring each episode anytime I could snatch a moment to sit and be absorbed. It starts with a cold mannered doctor who witnesses a plane crash her biological father is on. Something isn’t right about the crash. The story is not straight and she discovers some very odd things about the passengers aboard this flight headed to a medical conference. Their bodies weren’t altogether….right. Also, as one of the crash victims dies in the field where the plane crashed, her last words are ‘first they bring down the planes, then everything else…..’  I was gripped. Beautifully written as well!


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This is a question that constantly fluttered in my mind throughout my pregnancy, and one I asked myself many times after giving birth. It’s a difficult one to answer and I would assume that every mother has a slightly different answer.

It’s a question I am interested in exploring almost two years after the cataclysmic event – though I would also assume my answer may change as the years go on.

There are so many articles online and in print about this and it’s also the subject of many slots on daytime tv chat shows. Man, I’m so glad Netflix was around by the time I went on maternity leave or I would have wiled away far too many hours watching such shite.

To explore the question, one has to delve into the exact meaning of personal identy, as well as explore the actual meaning of motherhood and the fundamentals around. Are you on board? View Full Post

Oh yes I mentioned the C word – because like it or not, it is coming.

We’re having a rough month with being broke and housebound with hand foot and mouth disease (Zac, not me) – and though he’s getting on with it like an absolute trooper, being cooped up for 3 days straight is a little miserable for us so I’m thinking about happy festive things to keep cheerful.

So, last year I didn’t go mad with gifts for the little goblin as he was only 10 months old. I still will not go mad this year because A. we can’t afford it and B. we are not the kind of family to spend hundreds upon hundreds of pounds on a lot of plastic tat that will be discarded after Christmas Day.

With that in mind, here is a Christmas gift guide for families with a toddler who are like minded in that way, who wish to give their child a few choice gifts that will last beyond the festive period. View Full Post

I really like the idea of starting a #littleloves post series on my blog- as it’s the little things that can really make your day or cheer you up when you’re down. So as I’m having a down time at the moment, I thought starting #littleloves would make me recall all the things that have perked me up lately that I’ve heard, watched, read, made or wore. View Full Post

This is a very personal post that I debated writing but it’s actually helped to get it all down ‘on paper’. Life is hard for me at the moment and here’s why.

Emetophobia is not talked about, despite being one of the top 5 most common phobias in the UK.

Emetophobia is a phobia that causes overwhelming, intense anxiety pertaining to vomiting.

Having suffered from emetophobia to varying degrees of severity at different times of my life since I was a teenager, I always knew being a mum would be tough. I got it under control after following the Thrive programme with a CBT therapist in 2013, but sadly this all-consuming phobia has reared its ugly head again in recent weeks and I am having an incredibly rough time with it. View Full Post